By constantly innovating while offering industrial rigor for the past 30 years, Sleever International has raised the shrink sleeve to the status of major technology. Founder of the concept and owner of the SLEEVER® brand name, the company has developed the technology while mastering all its expertie, from chemistry to engineering and from conversion to contract services making the shrink sleeve a solution that has been embraced by some of the most demanding brands in soft drinks, dairy, food, personal care and household  markets. Sleever International a thirty  years old North American company based in Canada.,constantly develops the shrink sleeve functionalities: decoration, personalization, tamper-evidence, brand protection, sales promotionand  and traceability . Sleever International offers a wide array of value-added solutions around the world for global companies like: Endurance Sport,Ultima  foods, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, ….

LDPET : a response to the recyclability objectives of Soft-drink, Dairy, Food, Households, Personal care manufacturers

LDPET : a major innovation in the field of waste recovery

This major innovation, a result of the cooperation between Sleever International's technical platforms.

  • LDPET includes a low density film (SI-TPEG/050 ZL) developed by Sleever Technologies which can benefit, for the first time ever, from a solution that allows to separate sleeves from bottles without any manual operation. Thanks to a specific density, the LDPET can be easily sorted out in sedimentation tanks. The LDPET flakes float whereas the flakes of PET bottles sink to the bottom of the tank. Pet materials are thus recycled and recovered.

  • The printed film uses no bleeding inks that are specifically designed to withstand the materials segregation treatment with no risk of contamination for the PET flakes.

  • To process the LDPET, a machine, the SleeverCombisteam-LDPET to meet the expectations of the manufacturers. This solution allows for the full or partial labeling of bottles ranging from 20 cl to 2 liters, with production outputs between 15 000 and 30 000 bottles per hour.

This innovation allows to obtain a recycled PET of materials meeting a most of the recyclers expectations .

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